The ocean is an immense and dynamic environment.  And being such, the ocean cannot be recreated in a closed box.  However, with an understanding of the science behind the different zones of the ocean, and how each functions, specific habitats can be recreated with great success.  Whether the desire is to create a display with fish only or with live corals, the approach from Finergy Aquariums is to create and maintain a display that mimics the behavioral, chemical and spatial properties that promote success, animal well-being, and longevity. 

Finergy Aquariums has over 10 years experience in creating and maintaining saltwater displays from 2 gallons to over 600 gallons.  Designs  can include closed loop circulation, sump/wet-dry reservoirs, protein skimming, refugiums, wave making devices, and U.V. sterilization.  All designs are established using live rock exclusively.  Finergy Aquariums does not promote nor use terrestrial oriented materials for saltwater applications.

Beyond the prudent investment in a properly designed display, time and continuity of proper and effective maintenance are the most crucial ingredients in bringing the initial idea to a thriving, mature microcosm that is aesthetically pleasing.

Finergy Aquariums has an impeccable track record with it’s commitment to clients.  Each display is cared for as if it were the only one.  This means a completely polished display, inside and out,  that is sure to impress all which view it.

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Did You Know?

Montipora palawanensis is an encrusting hard coral, or Scleractinian. In the hobby, It is referred to as an “SPS” (small polyped stony) coral, or a “Monti”.  This species is characterized by being encrusting in growth form.  It is more specifically identified by having large, irregular verrucae (the bumps), and deeply embedded polyps within the valleys of the verrucae.  It is an uncommon coral within its range of distribution.  This image shows an uncommon occurrence of two polyps arising from the same verrucae.


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