Paludariums are displays that can be freshwater or saltwater.  The primary defining feature is that they comprise both a water feature and a land feature.  They are commonly filled half way, and showcase water features on the land portion that mimics waterfalls, stream beds, tide pools, or dripping rock walls.  Although long-term paludariums usually become one of the lowest maintenance displays, the initial design is where all the experience matters.

Finergy Aquariums has over 5 years experience in creating and maintaining paludariums.

This is unique offering in itself.  Each one is hand made according to the size of aquarium and the client’s desire.   A one-of-a-kind masterpiece is available, from 5 gallons to over 100 gallons.  Being designed by a company with extensive experience in maintenance assures you the design will be guided by the idea that “the easier it is to take care of it, the more likely it will be done”.

Small paludariums are perfect for office workspaces, kitchen counters, nightstands or end tables.  Large paludariums can be a centerpiece display in the office or at home.

If your desire is to have a little slice of that tropical paradise you long to go back to, the paludarium is the prescription.

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Did You Know?

Paludariums can also be a setting to indulge the collecting of rare orchids.  Many of the different varieties of epiphytic  orchids thrive in the near saturated humidity of paludariums.  They take full advantage of the bright light being provided and provide unique points of interest on the hardscape.  Although they add another point of consideration in the design,  Orchids can take an “Unbelivable” paludarium  to even the next level.  Finergy utilizes a longstanding cultivar that specializes in cultured production as opposed to wild collection.


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