Freshwater planted aquariums represent the pinnacle in artistic expression and skill.  Commonly referred to as “Nature Aquariums.”  Nature Aquarium is a designation of a style of planted aquarium.  The name originates from Takashi Amano, who most aquarium hobbyists consider to be the Master of the art form.  Mr. Amano and his company, Aqua Design Amano (ADA), have been perfecting this art form for over 25 years.

The inspiration for this effort was augmented in 2009 after visiting and experiencing the Nature Aquarium Gallery of Takashi Amano in Japan.

Nature Aquariums are typically the most equipment-intensive freshwater designs with CO2 injection, high-output lighting, substrate preparation, and the use of reconstituted RO/DI water.  Their long term aesthetic theme, or “aquascape”,  can be maintained only with skill and experience in plant care and knowledge of fertilization.

Even with the most current and indulgent designs available to the hobbyist, the misplacement of plants, stones, and wood can hinder the potential of any masterpiece.  This is the palate for the artist at heart - and when that artist is well- versed in the engineering and dynamics behind the microcosm, 
then the creation of the masterpiece has begun.  Each is unique and one-of-a-kind…living and growing.

Finergy Aquariums has over ten years experience in creating and maintaining freshwater Nature Aquariums.
Whether the aquarium has yet to be placed, or has been in operation for years, Finergy Aquariums can provide insightful consultation on layout design, and/or long term maintenance for your live freshwater planted aquarium.

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Did You Know?

The “air bubbles” on the plant in this image are Oxygen.  When the plant has enough light to stimulate photosynthesis, and is not limited by Carbon, it will photosynthesize at a rate that creates a saturation state within the aquarium.  When the water column is saturated with Oxygen, it will appear as “air bubbles” attached to the leaves.  This is why all “high energy” plant aquariums have CO2 dosing systems as an integral part of the design.

Fertilizing, or “feeding” your plants, is as important as adding food to the aquarium for the fish.  The elements of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphate are the Macronutrients (the meat and potatoes).  Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and about 12 other elements are the Micronutrients and Trace elements.  It is very useful to be able to dose these things individually, as well as be at a concentration that is effective without being toxic.  Finergy recommends Pfertz brand fertilizers for their high quality materials, and consistency of that quality.


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